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New video with testimony of survivors who were violently intercepted by the Libyan Coastguard.


One year ago, the Ocean Viking witnessed a dangerous interception and shots fired from a Libyan Coastguard patrol vessel in International waters. A few months later, the team onboard rescued two men who were intercepted and forcibly returned to Libya that day.
This is the story of Yawo and Daniel.

This is the brutal system of interception, detention & violence the EU funds in the Mediterranean.
We urgently call on the EU and its Member States to redirect funds to lifesaving services instead of funding human rights violations by the Libyan Coastguard.
The cycle of abuse must end.


External credits: Drone shots from Al Mabani detention centre by The Outlaw Ocean Project / Pierre Kattar Aerial footage of Ocean Viking and Libyan Patrol vessels by Christian Gohdes / Sea Watch Footage of the 1st shooting by Jean-Baptiste Bonnet / Habilis Productions