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They support us

While search and rescue team members, journalists, and photographers document the critical rescues at sea, a different yet equally vital effort unfolds on land. An impactful movement unfolds as citizens step up at festivals, conferences, and other events to inform, raise awareness, and illustrate the harsh realities of shipwrecks to the public.

For every individual rescued at sea, there emerges a remarkable human chain of citizens across France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. These individuals, comprising volunteers, donors, public figures, and everyday citizens from diverse backgrounds, work tirelessly and anonymously, dedicating themselves day after day to support and actively participate in these rescue missions.


Credit: Patrick Bar / SOS MEDITERRANEE;

Without the generosity of our donors, SOS MEDITERRANEE would never have been able to set sail on its rescue mission.

SOS MEDITERRANEE relies significantly on private donations, which constitute approximately 91% of its current funding.* 

* As reflected in SOS MEDITERRANEE funding levels in France

When we launched our association, we knocked on all the institutional doors to find funding. They all remained closed. It became clear to us that our project would only succeed if it was rooted in civic engagement and support.

Sophie Beau, co-founder of the association

Our ambassadors

Established during the early stages of SOS MEDITERRANEE in 2015, the support committee unites numerous influential figures from diverse sectors, all propelled by a shared belief: in the face of the Mediterranean tragedy, everyone bears a responsibility.

These personalities, upon joining the committee, actively contribute to the association’s mission by sharing their experiences and insights through public speaking engagements. Hailing from various fields such as cinema, music, maritime expertise, science, sports, literature, economics, or visual arts, they leverage their renown to amplify our messages, significantly bolstering public awareness and fundraising efforts.

Each and every one of them, with their unique talents and sensitivities, sees this strong commitment as a citizen’s advocacy mission, a way of playing a part in this collective endeavor to save lives at sea, especially as European states gradually withdraw from their responsibilities.

Partners and sponsors

Credit: Stéphane Mouchmouche / SOS MEDITERRANEE

Since its creation in 2015, SOS MEDITERRANEE has relied on the unfailing support of its committed sponsors and partners. Their contribution is vital for the Ocean Viking to continue its sea rescue mission.

Through financial sponsorship, solidarity products, by mobilizing their teams and customers, or through other initiatives; our partners are essential to saving lives at sea.

Many partners support our work to raise awareness among the general public by offering us the opportunity to organize mobilization events within their structures, and contribute to the financing of our missions through solidarity projects.

Institutional support

Credit: Luciano Gallo / SOS MEDITERRANEE

Faced with the humanitarian emergency in the Mediterranean, and at a time when European states are increasingly disengaging from their responsibilities in terms of rescue at sea, many local authorities and institutional actors across Europe have decided to take action alongside SOS MEDITERRANEE. In France, a platform was established on January 21, 2021, uniting local authorities in solidarity with SOS MEDITERRANEE. This initiative urged all French local authorities to join, triggering a substantial ripple effect.

These local authorities, in a non-partisan capacity, provide vital financial support to the association and serve as a driving force for its advocacy. Moreover, they provide a platform for citizens within their regions, enabling awareness campaigns to amplify the cause. Their mobilization stands as a strong expression of solidarity and shared responsibility in addressing this pressing issue.

Awards and Recognition

> European Diversity Awards – Optum Charity of the year 2023
> The Right Livelihood Award 2023
> International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) Award 2022
> Humanitarian Aurora Finalists 2020 (Sophie Beau and Klaus Vogel)
> Grande Cause Nationale 2017 (France)
> UNESCO Félix Houphouët-Boigny Peace Prize 2017
> Franco-German Grand Media Prize 2017
> European Citizen Award 2016 (European Parliament)