Ocean Viking’s operations logbook

May 20, 2024

05:48 Italian authorities assign Ortona as a Place of Safety for the 35 survivors onboard Ocean Viking.
05:12 Ocean Viking sends an email to ITMRCC and Malta RCC to inform about the rescue operation.
05:02 Ocean Viking calls RCC Malta via Satphone to inform of the rescue operation. Duty officer requested for an email to be sent.
Latitude: 36.1833333
Longitude: 16.75

“Dear Sirs, Madams,

Please be informed that at 02:40 Z Ocean Viking RHIBs assessed the situation: fiberglass boat is unseaworthy, inapt for navigation in high seas, overcrowded with about 35 people on board, including children, women, all exposed to the elements, no Life Saving Appliances available.
These people are requesting to be rescued.It is ascertained that the distress phase exists as the persons on board are threatened by grave and imminent danger of being lost and require immediate assistance.

This is a case of force majeure (ref. SOLAS Art. IV (b)) imposing to retrieve persons in danger of being lost at sea, as stipulated by the relevant International Maritime Conventions, therefore MV Ocean Viking will proceed to the assistance of these persons in distress, while keeping competent RCCs duly informed.”

04:12 Ocean Viking spots intermittent light matching with estimated position of the boat in distress.

May 19, 2024

22:49 Ocean Viking sends an email to Malta RCC with ITMRCC in copy informing about the distress situation and her ability to provide assistance.
22:25 Ocean Viking is in copy of an email from Alarm Phone alerting to a boat in distress about 80NM away.
16:44 Rhibs are recovered.
14:00 Rhibs are launched for more drills.
11:30 Rhibs are recovered.
10:00 Rhibs are launched for drills.
07:30 Ocean Viking leaves Syracuse for training.

May 11, 2024

20:00 Ocean Viking arrives in Syracuse for portcall.