OPERATION - 03-08 October 2019


Last update 10/08/2019 at 13h52 (All times in UTC+1)

–  On the 7th of October, while passing Lampedusa in a distance of 25 to 30 nm, Ocean Viking has been instructed by the Italian MRCC to participate in a SAR for survivors of a shipwreck south of Lampedusa. Search coordinates were given and Ocean Viking carried out two different search patterns. Moonbird assisted Ocean Viking at beginning of the search.

– On the 8th of October, Ocean Viking carried out another search pattern. Two SAR helicopters joined Ocean Viking during search operations. Ocean Viking could not find any survivor and had to leave the area due to bad weather.

October 3, 2019

22:00 Ocean Viking leaves port of Marseille

October 4, 2019

Easy 2 and Easy 3 are launched off starboard side to practice rescue manoeuvres

October 5, 2019

RHIB Easy 1 and Easy 2 are launched off port and starboard side of the ship

October 7, 2019

07:41 Ocean Viking calls the Italian MRCC to inform of its availability to support ongoing SAR operations

Read the whole report about this operation here

Ocean Viking receives VHF call from Circomare Lampedusa (Coast Guard) and is requested to participate in on-going SAR operations south of Lampedusa.

The search coordinates given are 35°13’N 012°38’E, 35°22N 012°48’E, 35°19N 012°52’E, 35°11’N 012°42’E.

Moonbird calls Ocean Viking on VHF and offers assistance. Search coordinates are exchanged and Moonbird commences search for survivors

Moonbird informs Ocean Viking that it has carried out search pattern. No survivors have been found

10:54 Ocean Viking informs the Lampedusa Harbour Master of beginning of search

Ocean Viking arrives at 35°13’N and 012°38’E and starts with search pattern at designated area

12:17 Ocean Viking informs the Italian MRCC of its engagement in the SAR operations

Ocean Viking calls
Circomare Lampedusa on VHF and reports completion of search pattern and
requests further instructions

16:13 Ocean Viking requests orders from the Lampedusa Harbour Master and is requested to stand by

Circomare Lampedusa  instructs Ocean Viking to search again in same area with different search pattern

Ocean Viking calls Circomare Lampedusa on VHF and informs that
search is suspended during nighttime due to poor visibility and weather
Circomare Lampedusa calls Ocean Viking on VHF and gives new search
coordinates and instructs to resume search in the morning

October 8, 2019

06:14 Ocean Viking informs the Lampedusa Harbour Master it resumes search pattern in new designated area
Ocean Viking calls Circomare Lampedusa on VHF and reports start of search in new designated area.

Ocean Viking keeps ITMRCC informed via e-mail

06:33 Ocean Viking informs the Italian MRCC it resumes search
07:48 SAR helicopter is on-scene
09:58 2nd SAR helicopter is on-scene
11:54 2nd helicopter returns to Lampedusa

Ocean Viking suspends search pattern due to bad weather (wind NNE 40 kn, wave height ~4 m) and continues search within the area

Ocean Viking alters Course to 180° and leaves the area due to weather conditions.

A sharp lookout is maintained at all times.

Circomare Lampedusa and ITMRCC are informed accordingly