OPERATION – 13-19 December 2023


All times are in UTC+2.

On December 13, Ocean Viking performs the rescues of 26 persons. The Italian authorities designates Livorno as a place of safety for the 26  onboard.

On December 19, the 26 disembarks in Livorno.

December 13, 2023

Ocean viking in position 33 34.4740(N) 012 14.8500 (E),

Ocean Viking swiftly alters Course Heading towards the Target, about 1NM away, for further assessment and ready to provide first assistance.

15:55 Ocean Viking calls Tripoli JRCC via Sat Phone. No Answer.

The fiberglass boat is unseaworthy, inapt for navigation in high seas, overcrowded with 27 people on board, including children, all exposed to the elements, no Life Saving Appliances available.
These people are requiring to be rescued.
It is ascertained that the distress phase exists as the persons on board are threatened by grave and imminent danger of being lost and require immediate assistance.
Relevant shipboard safety and environmental elements have been assessed and it is ascertained MV Ocean Viking has the capacity to recover all these persons without creating serious danger to the ship and the persons thereon – in line with the Provisions of Art. 98 of the UNCLOS Convention – nor to the environment.
This is a case of force majeure (ref. SOLAS Art. IV) imposing to retrieve persons in danger of being lost at sea, as stipulated by the relevant International Maritime Conventions, therefore MV Ocean Viking will proceed to the assistance of these persons in distress, while keeping competent RCCs duly informed.

16:18 Ocean Viking sends an email to JRCC Tripoli informing of the above situation.

Ocean Viking position 33 34,1 N 012 15,6 E,


(as defined in the Annex to the 1979 SAR Convention, paragraph 1.3.2 and in the IMO Resolution MSC.167(78))

Ocean Viking informs that the white fiberglass boat left the scene full speed with one person on board and no explanation at the conclusion of the recovery operation. The second fiberglass boat previously spotted from the Bridge and mentioned in the first email, also left the scene full speed, without possibility to making a further assessment.

18:47 The Italian authorities assigns Livorno as a Place of Safety for the 26 survivors onboard Ocean Viking.

December 15, 2023

17:17 Ocean Viking anchors outside the port of Sciacca, Sicily, to shelter from a storm after being refused a closer Place of Safety to disembark the 26 survivors onboard by the Italian authorities.

December 17, 2023

00:00 Ocean Viking leaves the port of Sciacca and heads towards Livorno.

December 19, 2023

08:30 Ocean Viking is at berth in Livorno.
08:49 The disembarkation of the 26 survivors starts.
09:53 Disembarkation complete.