The castaways from hell

By August 2019, the Aquarius had saved 29,523 people, 29,523 human lives, 29,523 unique life stories.
Marie Rajablat tells us the stories of some of these lives in this book. As we read, the names and faces
of the people embarking on these courageous journeys come to life, and their words give meaning to a
reality that was, until now, unimaginable. These women, these men, these children have experienced
such violence and suffering that it is difficult, even impossible, for us to appreciate the depth of their
traumas and for them to describe them. Listened to with great gentleness and sensitivity, they share
all or part of their story. These narratives remind us that no-one decides to emigrate for the sake of
convenience. It is always a wrench to leave one’s country, one’s land, one’s origins and one’s family.
Behind these testimonials, there are also families and loved ones: some family members have been lost
at sea, others have remained behind with no news and no answers.