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SAYPE unveils a new giant fresco in support of SOS MEDITERRANEE


SAYPE, the world-renowned artist, has unveiled his latest work in support of SOS MEDITERRANEE in Zurich. Entitled “Bright Dreams,” the giant lawn fresco features a young girl surrounded with symbols of sea rescue, and conveys a powerful message of humanity

SAYPE’s frescoes, intended to fade away, aim to impact mindsets while respecting the environment. They are made with an eco-conscious paint composed primarily of chalk and charcoal. Among his most notable works is the series “Beyond Walls” that traveled around the world, starting with a creation in Paris in support of SOS MEDITERRANEE.

Confronted with the humanitarian crisis raging in the Mediterranean, where more than 700 people have already lost their lives in 2024, artist SAYPE has once again rallied to support the mission of SOS MEDITERRANEE.

“I particularly admire the human commitment deployed to save men, women, and children at sea,” says the artist. As a former nurse, these values are dear to me and resonate deeply with me. Five years after my first support for the association, this work of art pays tribute to the men and women who risk their lives to save others at sea. It also invites us to question our societies and their ability to collaborate in a global way, the only solution, in my opinion, to managing migration issues,” adds SAYPE.

Artistic initiatives like these are a driving force behind our operations, helping to raise funds and visibility and giving us the resolve to keep going.