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Snapshots from the Mediterranean


Jérémie, photographer onboard Ocean Viking, invites us in an immersive and innovative project to shed light on the life and realities of both survivors who escaped near death at sea and crew who dedicate their lives to respond to this humanitarian crisis.

The “Snapshots from the Mediterranean” project aims to amplify the voices of individuals captured in photographs, including both crew members and survivors. It moves away from the photographer’s subjective perspective by inviting the subjects themselves to provide commentary on their own pictures. By doing so, the project allows these individuals to express their impressions, perceptions, or personal testimonies regarding the depicted situations. The project employs a polaroid concept, which fosters a visual dialogue and empowers the photographed individuals to reclaim their images. Ultimately, “Snapshots from the Mediterranean” endeavors to convey heartfelt messages directly from the people involved, shedding light on their unique experiences.


Credit: Jérémie Lusseau / SOS MEDITERRANEE