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SOS MEDITERRANEE pursues its life-saving mission with the Ocean Viking after its German chapter announces parting ways


SOS MEDITERRANEE was founded in 2015 as a European, maritime and humanitarian initiative from civil societies. With the Aquarius and the Ocean Viking, citizens made possible the rescue of over 34,500 people in distress in the Central Mediterranean. 

SOS MEDITERRANEE acknowledges the departure of its German chapter from the international network as announced today by the latter, to develop a new independent operation, with a politically-oriented vision and under a new name.  

From France, Italy and Switzerland, SOS MEDITERRANEE remains committed to pursue its life-saving mission at sea with the Ocean Viking, in the strictest respect of the principles of apolitical humanitarian assistance and based on high professional standards. In our European endeavour, the support and mobilisation of the German public have always been key. SOS MEDITERRANEE remains committed towards its supporters in Germany and will reopen a German branch in the coming weeks for them to continue their mobilisation. 

In the meantime, the Ocean Viking will soon leave for her 16th mission in the Central Mediterranean, the deadliest maritime route in the world. This is made possible thanks to the mobilisation of citizens all around Europe, including in Germany. 

To continue supporting the Ocean Viking, donors can make a donation to: