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A family ordeal, at home and at sea

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Rescue Date

Line’s family has left Lebanon to seek treatment for her twin sister, who had health problems. After going through Egypt and Libya, the family took the sea on an overcrowded boat and encountered the Libyan coastguards before being rescued by the Ocean Viking on December 27,2023.  

Shortly after disembarking, Line’s mother, Chourouk, gave birth to a little girl named “Meliya”, a tribute to the midwife who was onboard the Ocean Viking. 

Latest testimonies

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Johanna de Tessières


Ibrahima was one of the 25 survivors rescued on the 13th of March after spending seven days at sea. Around 60 people on his boat perished during the journey.

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Lucille Guenier / SOS MEDITERRANEE


Marina* was among the 75 women, men and children rescued by SOS MEDITERRANEE during the night of November 3, 2023. They were on an overcrowded sailing boat, adrift, in the Ionian Sea that had departed from Turkey a week before. They ran out of food and water for almost two days before being rescued.