Rescue Date

My name is Djema. I’m from Nigeria.

It’s not easy in Libya. I stayed four years. You know when you move in the street, you are not safe. You’re inside a motor [car], you are not safe. You are at home, sleeping, you are not safe. Sometimes they will carry you, point a gun [at you], collect everything you have, throw you away. You can do nothing.

They don’t like black men at all. They call you “slave”. If you go to prison now, many Africans are there. Thousands!
Because they are trying to cross the Mediterranean to Italy.
No food, no treatment. Nothing, nothing. They suffer a lot. 

I decided that Europe is safer for me than Libya. Because Libya is not safe. 

Latest testimonies

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Johanna de Tessières


Ibrahima was one of the 25 survivors rescued on the 13th of March after spending seven days at sea. Around 60 people on his boat perished during the journey.

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Lucille Guenier / SOS MEDITERRANEE


Marina* was among the 75 women, men and children rescued by SOS MEDITERRANEE during the night of November 3, 2023. They were on an overcrowded sailing boat, adrift, in the Ionian Sea that had departed from Turkey a week before. They ran out of food and water for almost two days before being rescued.